HELP CONTINUE THIS REAL COMMUNITY PROJECT for all residents and surrounding area!

Please donate to gaining commercial kitchen status for the Bodega Bay Grange as shown below:

Why commercial kitchen status?

The Bodega Bay Grange is a Red Cross-approved disaster relief site and a County-designated tsunami evacuation site. In the early morning of the October 2017 firestorms, thousands of Sonoma County residents evacuated to the coast, many with little or no belongings. Local community members set up the Grange as an emergency shelter. We housed dozens of people for the first couple of nights and transitioned into a resource center providing food, clothing, water, firewood, limited medical care and access to other resources.

We initially served hot meals to evacuees, but on Day 3 the County health department shut us down because we were not permitted as a commercial kitchen. We are embarking on getting our kitchen approved by the county so that we can prepare food during future disaster relief efforts.

This would also allow the kitchen to serve as a business incubator for local residents, an idea that some Grange and community members started working on back in 2009 and 2010, including community outreach and gathering signatures, visits to the Willits Little Lake Grange, the Sebastopol Grange, and discussions with many Granges that have commercial kitchens. We started our own fund for a kitchen after these efforts and outreach.

What is involved in achieving commercial kitchen status?

We have hired a commercial kitchen design team to create a comprehensive plan to upgrade the Bodega Bay Grange kitchen so that it can be approved by the County of Sonoma. The resulting design includes upgrades to most appliances, installation of a new range fan and fire suppression system, electrical and plumbing upgrades, replacement of counters and cabinetry and a wide range of other changes required to achieve County commercial kitchen status.

What is the timeline?

With completion of a draft of the commercial kitchen design, we formally began moving toward our goal in April 2019. Progress will be in successive steps as funds become available and contributions are accumulated. We anticipate that completion will be achieved in two or three years, depending on funding success.

How much will it cost?

Below are rough estimates based on conversations with kitchen consultants.

Consulting and design fee: $4,200

Electrical upgrades:       $4,800

Stove vent and fire suppression system: $28,000 (includes installation)

Plumbing: $14,500

Window, framing, cabinetry: $15,000

Refrigerator, dishwasher, sinks: $8,900

Additional dry storage, mop room: $5,000

TOTAL $80,400

We anticipate that additional expenses may occur; 25% cost overruns would not be unusual. 

What other funds are being leveraged?

The Bodega Bay Grange itself initially has $7,000 reserved toward this effort and will be spending more this year. The Bodega Bay Cabaret donated $3,000. We have received $8,000 from the 2019 Bodega Bay Fishermen’s Festival, $9,000 from County hotel tax funds, and will request County permit fee waivers. We are well on our way for this most important community need, but will need tens of thousands of more dollars to achieve our goal.

How can I donate to help fund the project?

Write a check made out to Bodega Bay Grange with Commercial Kitchen Project in the memo and mail to

BB Grange, P. O. Box 152, Bodega Bay CA 94923

or drop it by the Grange at our monthly meeting, first Thursday of every month, 6 pm.

If you prefer an electronic choice, please use PayPal at:

to make your contribution. Thank you!

We have a dedicated account for this project and funds will only be used for kitchen improvements to achieve commercial kitchen status.